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Renewal of Land Lease
by Land and Survey Department Sarawak
2010-11-24 13:24:07
Under the Policy of Renewal of Land Lease:

i) Application can be made any time before the expiry of the lease;

ii) Land lease can be renewed for a further term of 60 or 99 years (except for agricultural land which can only be renewed for 60 years unless the original lease carries a term of 99 years);

iii) Where renewal is for a term of 99 years, an additional 30% premium of the flat rate will be charged;

iv) Renewal can be made provided that land is not required for government development projects and that there is no breach of title condition.
Source of Policy: State | Source Documents: Part III Sarawak Land Code
Classification:  Land > Renewal Administration

RLL rate.pdf

Renewal of Land Leases (RLL)