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Perimeter Survey of NCR Land under Section 6
by Land and Survey Department Sarawak
2010-12-01 15:58:40
Under the NCR New Initiative, the State Government is adopting a two-step approach which comes with two deliverables.

Firstly, the NCR land in all divisions throughout the State will be identified for en-bloc survey. The purpose of en-bloc survey is to segregate genuine NCR land from State land. Upon completion of perimeter survey, these parcels of land will be gazetted as Native Communal Reserve under Section 6 Sarawak Land Code.

Secondly, the community will determine the boundaries of their land within the gazetted area to enable detailed survey to be carried out for issuance of individual land title. The land title will be issued under Section 18 of Sarawak Land Code.
Source of Policy: State | Source Documents: Part II, III and Part V of the Sarawak Land Code
Classification:  Land > NCR Administration > Perimeter survey of NCR land and gazettal under Section 6 Sarawak Land Code.

NCR New Initiative